Blue Screen (BSOD) with driver Error 0x00000050 on Windows 2008 Servers

(Please note: Just sharing this since I have seen occurring frequent BSOD on few of 32 bit Windows 2008 servers running on VMware, where VMware tool and VM hardware version latest. Please consider this as a solution only if memory dump analysis match with dll or EXE below and with same OS version, )

Issue: Blue Screen (BSOD) with driver Error 0x00000050 due to Ntkrnlpa.exe and Ntoskrnl.exe


Indentify driver or DLL causing the issue : this is the major and foremost task to troubleshoot Blue Screen crash on Windows servers the

You may use “BlueScreenView.exe” (  to view what caused the last BSOD or all previous ones.


Cause: As per MS below version of Ntkrnlpa.exe and Ntoskrnl.exe on  windows 2008 server, are prone to get BSOD since the registry subsystem unmaps a view that is being used when the registry is large and when memory contention occurs.


FIX: As suggested by Microsoft download and apply the host fix” and reboot the machine.

From the memory dump analysis that we have done, the error bugcheck code was 50.  The error is  Bugcheck 50 – PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. 

Rule Triggered: Hotfix available: 0x00000050 Stop error when Windows tries to back up registry hives on a computer that is running Windows Vista SP2 or Windows Server 2008 SP2

Internal Link:

After Upgrade the file versions should upgrade to



3 thoughts on “Blue Screen (BSOD) with driver Error 0x00000050 on Windows 2008 Servers

  1. Leonardo says:

    How did you install the update for 32-bit?
    On the Microsoft site does not exist the update for 32-bit Winsows 2008



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