Access Denied When Editing MSMQ Messsage Queuing Properties

Issue:  We were trying to adjust Private Message Queuing properties (specifically, message storage limits, Access Permission) via Computer Management on my machine. It fails with the following message:

The properties of cannot be set.

Error: Access is denied.


Reason: MSMQ created private Queue by application, application was using system account to create the queue. Unable to take ownership or change access list.


Resolution: Manually update Security

           Create a new test message queue to obtain security descriptor

In the Control Panel, double-click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Computer Management.

Expand Services and Applications, and then expand Message Queuing.
Note  A queue may be either public or private, depending on the requirements of the notification application. This example creates a private queue.

Right-click Private Queues, and then click New.

Enter a name for the private queue, and then click OK.

Copy Security information from Test to Existing configuration

Stop and Disable MSMQ service

Open configuration file in notepad, from private queue information is stored on the server, where MSMQ is running in the folder “C:\Windows\System32\msmq\storage\lqs

Find the configuration file for the test MSMQ which created earlier and note, security field as shown below


Replace this with content of issue configuration file. (Make sure you are taking a backup of the file).

Enable and Start MSMQ service. Now you will be able to change any property of the Queue property





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