Powershell:: Uninstall the application remotely (Get the servers/computer from AD )

Below script to uninstall an application from remote servers (or a number of the remote servers). You can also import the list of computers from a txt file using ($computers = get-content .\computer.txt)

$computers = get-adcomputer -filter ‘OperatingSystem -like “*Windows Server*”‘ -SearchBase “<Server name FQDN”

foreach($comp in $computers){

$computer = $comp.name


$log = Invoke-Command -ComputerName $computer -ScriptBlock {

$application = Get-WmiObject Win32_Product -filter “Name=’Application name'”

$appl = $application.name

Write-host “Removing $app from Server”


} |Out-string

if($error[0].Exception -like “*WinRM cannot complete the operation*”) {$status = “Server not accessible”}

elseif($error[0].Exception -like “*null-valued expression*”) {$status = “Application not present”}

Else {$status = “Appllication removal Success”}

Add-content .\Applicationremoval.log -value “$computer;$status”


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